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Aussie ex-pat, Sarah Best, arrived in London with her family, two years ago.

She and her husband packed up their things, re-homed their pets and put their house up for rent - all in a matter of two months. It was a rush job and a rollercoaster journey but now they call one of the world's biggest cities, 'home'.

"Lessons were learnt - a lot of them, the hard way. It wasn't like we could just ring a friend - we didn't know anyone. We didn't know London either. The only time I'd come here was on a contiki tour in my teens!"

Sarah Best

If you're moving to the UK or even just thinking about it, Sarah's blog is a must read! The journalist and mother-of-two, shares bits and bobs about her family's move to the UK, the highs, the lows, and some fabulous ideas for entertaining the kids in and around London on a budget.